Tepid Peppermint Wonderland:
A Retrospective
(Teepee Records)

The soundtrack for losing your mind and finding it again. This double CD is the perfect starting point for new fans and an indispensible summary for older fans. 36 songs including 5 previously unreleased and 3 previously unreleased live tracks. Lovingly compiled with a 24-page booklet, extensive liner notes, unpublished photos, and a track-by-track commentary from previous and current members.


1 All Around You (intro)
2 Who
3 When Jokers Attack
4 Servo
5 Open Heart Surgery
6 If Love Is The Drug
7 It Girl
8 Sailor
9 Straight Up and Down
10 Anenome
11 wisdom
12 Just For Today
13 Stars
14 Vaccuum Boots
15 Prozac vs. Heroin
16 She's Gone


1 Nailing Honey To The Bee
2 That Girl Suicide
3 Nevertheless
4 Evergreen
5 Starcleaner
6 Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower
7 Hide and Seek
8 In My Life
9 Mary Please
10 Talk-Action=Shit
11 Oh Lord
12 This Is Why You Love Me
13 Not If You Were The Last Dandy on Earth
14 Swallowtail
15 Feel So Good
16 Fucker
17 #1 Hit Jam
18 Ballad of Jim Jones
19 Free and Easy Take 2
20 Stolen
21 Mansion In The Sky
22 Sue

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