Erika Luckett : “Unexpected”
(Birdfish Records)

Reviews of her previous albums described her as "a little bit Annie Lennox, some Ella Fitzgerald, with a hint of Edith Piaf" (Performing Songwriter Magazine), and arriving with "enough multifaceted talent and musical maturity to make Norah Jones blush." (San Francisco Bay Guardian) With her latest release, "Unexpected", Erika (pronounced Eddy-kah) fires all engines and launches a powerhouse album.
This citizen of the world who was born in Mexico, raised in Venezuela and Brazil, and later soaked up European flavor while living in France, uses a global palette to create an album that touches a universal core. Whether singing in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese, her warm and passionate voice elicits the depth of her lyrics; although you may not understand the words, you feel the essence of the song, the pulse of the emotion. Referring to her use of many languages, Erika says, "I think of language as a musical texture - sounds and colors that work with the groove and feel of a song."

A multi-award winning songwriter, guitarist and vocalist who recently was honored as Female Artist of the Year 2004 at the JPF Music Awards (the largest independent music organization in the world,) Erika Luckett reveals the scope and breadth of her musical horizon. Working closely with producer Jeffrey Wood (Penelope Houston, Hank Williams III, Luka Bloom), bass player Paul Olguin (Mazzy Star, Mary Wells) and drummer, Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Kindness), she crafted a collection of eleven songs that stretch from the driving rumba flamenca, "Si Volverá" and the passionate ballad, "Deepest Deep", to the sexy, pop howl of the title track, "Unexpected."

The album steers across genres, with Erika's voice, guitars and songwriting serving as the steady keel, the connective tissue that ties this adventurous and compelling course together. There are numerous gems that contribute to the sparkle of the production: the presence of a luscious string quartet on "Deepest Deep" and "Une Profonde Douceur" (the French version of the same tune), the electric guitar that lays down the slinky montuno on "Siete Ríos" (a rich melody that sounds like a meeting of Carlos Santana and Bebel Gilberto), the powerful and intuitive rhythm section, and the ever present intimacy of Erika's voice. In "Unexpected" we experience the artist, her music, and a bold step outside the ordinary. Let the joy begin!