Brian Eno’s
Taking Tiger Mountain
By Strategy

by Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty
(DBK Works)

Listen to Brian Eno's phone call to the Doug about the album.

Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty

This is a recreation of Brian Eno’s 1974 masterpiece by members of San Francisco band, Waycross. Folk rock vocalist/chanteuse Caroleen Beatty (Bedlam Rovers, Waycross, Jon Langford) meets up with multi-instrumentalist Doug Hilsinger (Bomb, Bill Laswell, L.D. Beghtol of Magnetic Fields) for a complete re-interpretation of Brian Eno's 1974 classic album Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy. Hilsinger plays all the instruments (using no keyboards, synths or samplers), combined with Caroleen's expressive voice -- leads to a very organic and original take on this Eno album.

The idea of a band covering an entire album by another artist is not entirely new. Recently, Carla Bozulich (formerly of the Geraldine Fibbers) covered Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger”, Mary Lee’s Corvette recorded Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, and the Bay Area’s own Camper Van Beethoven took on Fleetwood Mac’s double album “Tusk”.

According To Doug Hilsinger, “We were just making this cd for ourselves for the fun of it. We're big fans. It's amazing how it's all worked out, and now you can hear it too! These versions lack some of the finesse and subtleties of the original, but retain the arrangements, and add a joyously aggressive rock edge. It's as if we remade the whole album with me playing everything and Caroleen singing. Yay! It sure was a lot of fun to make. I hope you enjoy it too. Please listen to Brian Eno's music. Thanks to Mr. Eno for creating such a great collection of songs that have endured the test of time, still great today.”

Oddly enough, Eno was one of the first people to hear it, and commented "I am deeply moved by your versions of my songs". "I like it very, very much!"

Keep an eye out forupcoming live San Francisco performances by Doug, Caroleen with the ENORCHESTRA, featuring members of Waycross, Dirty Power and the Quails.