Vienna Teng
Waking Hour
(Virt Records)

Top to bottom: Waking Hour cover; three views of Vienna

In the last several months this 24 year old singer/songwriter and classically trained pianist has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman," has toured American playing clubs, concerts, and in-stores at Borders Books around the country and has had one of the top five selling independent releases on Her career, and her new album came to national attention through her numerous appearances on NPR. A computer science major at Stanford University, Vienna has successfully made a full time commitment to her career as a songwriter and recording artist in a huge way.

Vienna is an extremely articulate and attractive Asian American artist whose quick rise to success may seem surprising, and one listen to her album will provide quick explanation of what all the excitement is about. She has developed a dedicated fan base in the Bay Area with her self-released album, which was engineered and produced by Eric Miller, a fellow Stanford student, as well as the designer of her website.

Vienna was signed to the independent label, Virt Records, in May of 2002. The new album includes most of the tracks from her self-released album, with new tracks provided by established producer, David Henry, whose previous works include records with Cowboy Junkies, Josh Rouse, Yo La Tengo, and REM.