(Spundae Recordings)

Mindgaps cover

Suffix is the collaborative effort of San Francisco duo, Jonathan Ojeda and Doug Eisengrein. "Mindgaps" is their first release on Spundae Recordings. This debut slab of vinyl contains an "Original Marching Band Mix" as well as an "Infusion Remix."

The original version contains a hypnotic bass line, complex techno-esque laded percussion and massive stabs driving throughout, this essential blend of trance, tribal and techno proves necessary for any arsenal. Deep and moody, it will work early on or right in the main hours. The Infusion Remix turns out an awesome addition to the already solid original for Spundae. Stepping it up a notch, this mix has additional guitar samples, tweaked out washes and a new and improved baseline while maintaining the techno influence.