Flamin’ Groovies:
Slow Death—Amazin’ High Energy Rock n’ Roll 1971-73!

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The Groovies then

The Groovies a bit later (1980)

A young Chris Wilson

Cyril Jordan


Groovies fans take the reigns and the rest of you rock n’ rollers climb aboard for the ultimate blow out posh package that serves up the sensational story of the quintessential American rock n’ roll band via the Flamin’ Groovies teenage guitar head himself, Mr. Cyril Jordan, in this gargantuphonic loud sound package of all the Groovies self-produced monsters 1971-73 that took them out of post-TEENAGE HEAD doldrums headlong into a collision course with destiny! Dig their bossest self-comps plus thrill as the Groovies serve up Chuck, Freddy and the Stones like nobody else! This killer collection links their un-freakin’-beatable early post-Head bashers with their landmark ‘73 Hollywood demos, proving once and for all that the Groovies are it, daddy-o!

Track Listing

Demos San Francisco, October 1971:

  • Sweet Little Rock And Roller
  • Slow Death
  • Let Me Rock
  • Dog Meat
  • Blues From Phyllis
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash

French TV broadcast, November 1972:

  • Roll Over Beethoven

Demos Los Angeles, July 1973:

  • Shake Some Action
  • When I Heard Your Name

UK single, June 1972:

  • Tallahassee Lassie

Key Selling Points

  • features superb demos of Flamin’ Groovies classics Shake Some Action and Slow Death!

  • posh packaging-- CD’s include massive bio booklets and LP’s come sleeved in massive gatefold jax!

  • scorchin’ interview liner notes by Groovies lead guitar kingpin Cyril Jordan leave no Stone unburned-- from shoppin’ for clothes with Cornel Gunter to shoppin’ for EC comics with Jimi Hendrix! Thirteen THOUSAND riveting wild wurds from his majesty Mr. Jordan!

  • gargantuan master blastering serves up home tapes, studio demos, broadcast romps with equal cranium crashin’ super fidelity!

Click here for an article about Cyril Jordan's winning the San Francisco Bay Guardian's Lifetime Achievement Goldie.