Dirty Power

Dirty Power
Dirty Power
(Dead Teenager)

Dirty Power cover; the band

Dirty Power are a down and dirty hard rock/metal band who come from a punk rock background . These bearded former punk rockers (including Patrick Goodwin of Pansy Division) have a sound which is undeniably influenced by the best of seventies hard rock bands such as AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and Kiss, while it may remind some of late Eighties LA "strip bands" like Guns and Roses and L.A. Guns. It also fits in well along side "stoner" bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The lines between categories such as "classic rock", "garage punk" and "eighties metal" have become blurred, and fans of everything from arena rock to blues based hard rock will have no problem relating to the sound of Dirty Power. Dirty Power plays their style of rock so purely and so unconsciously, that they don't care what genre they may get lumped into or which people do or don't get their music.

The album is produced by Jack Endino, whose credits include a who’s who of the Seattle Grunge scene (Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, etc.). Jack has always been able to capture the energy and excitement of a band at their highest intensity of live performance on clean, near perfect studio recordings. This is his best work in years.

One listen to the opening track , "LSD" will be all you need to get the full impact of the greatness of this album. It is, quite simply, the best hard rock track I’ve heard in years. Good things certainly lie ahead for Dirty Power.