"Salt on Everything" 12"


Anticon: Miracle Mile

Sole is the alias of the experimental hiphop label, Anticon’s owner and featured artist, Tim Holland. During the past year, Sole and other members of the Anticon collective have toured Japan, Australia, Europe and the USA. The label has recently entered into a new European distribution agreement with Southern Records in the UK.

Born and raised as a live poet in portland, maine (trained to kill by NWA & organized konfusion tapes...) Sole moved to the bay area in '98 and worked as a corporate IT guru for dot coms and consulting firms only to retire in late '99 to be a "rapper". When hes not "answering his critics", Sole spends his time recording, spilling ice coffee on himself and arguing on the phone with the record industry, in hopes of paying off old debts from the now bankrupt 45 below records. He has long term plans of eventually buying a zepplin to throw record release parties on, and living with a girl. Maybe sole is too sarcastic and no one will ever appreciate his humor. Maybe Sole is wrong. Maybe everything isn't a big joke (and that the joke is on him).

"Too bad the world don't rhyme and teachers like us get paid like the homeless" Sole is a dissatisfied hip-hop fan gone bazerk and despite any cynacism and negativity found in his music, he tends to be kind to all walks of life (even wack mcs and sucker djs...).

"I applied for Howard Hughes and live off less then minimum wage"


Partners in Rhyme: "Time to Wreck Shop" ('91)
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Sole: "Bottle of Humans" 12" ('99)
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Sole: "Bottle of Humans" LP ('00)
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