Richie Rich:
Nixon Pryor Roundtree
(Tensix Records)

Album cover

Richie Rich

The new Richie Rich album, "Nixon Pryor Roundtree", was just released on Tensix Records, a label started by Rich and longtime producer and collaborator, Lev Berlak. Having recently left Def Jam, this is the second album released by Richie independently on Tensix Records, distributed by City Hall Records.

In 2002 a lot has changed. In a fast paced industry, some things need no adjustment and Richie Rich is one of those things! "Nixon, Pryor, Roundtree" stands for political, witty and hard, and that best describes the new L.P. from Richie Rich…

The album is full of uptempo tracks that best suit Rich's signature raspy voice. This album hold's history, the first collaboration between Oakland's HipHop pioneers, Too Short and Richie Rich's guest appearances from his new group The Replacement Killerz. Nixon, Pryor, Roundtree proves to be a cut above the norm with slammin' production and unsurpassable wit from Rich as he journeys through a world of slick women, hot cars, and game. A must have for any and all HipHop connosseurs. Nixon, Pryor, Roundtree ties together the loose ends in today's Hip Hop world!!

Track Listing
1. Wake Up
2. How I Ride feat. Justice
3. Say B*%!? feat. Too Short
4. What It Do? feat. The Replacement Killerz
5. Smoke N F*#%
6. N.P.R. feat. DeeDee
7. Scrapers feat. Stalin
8. Betta Luv Ya B*%!? feat. The Replacement Killerz
9. No Degreez° feat. P.S.D.
10. Thru With It
11. Pretty B*%!?s (My Anthem)
12. Still My N&**# feat. HARM
13. N.Y. 2 Da O feat. Wayno