Live Human:
(Hip Hop Slam)


Live Human perfectly combine free form jazz and experimental hiphop. Live, they jam like no other group. This live recording is taken from Live Human's Great American Music Hall, San Francisco concert on July 14, 2001 just after the trio arrived back in their hometown off their summer European tour: a successful Euro-trek that culminated in their sold out performance at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. DJ Quest, Albert Mathias (percussion), and Andrew Kushin (bass) were clearly delighted to be back home and it shows in this amazing live recording. Unlike Live Human's previous studio albums (1997's "Live Human Featuring DJ Quest," 1999's "Monostereosis," and 2000 "Elephish Jellyphant") "Live Human Live" captures Live Human in their most natural element: live. "A mind-bending dollop of deftly executed improv beat magic," is how Bay Guardian writer Dave Pehling described one Live Human show. And this live recording is no different. Note that this limited edition (999 made) debut release from C.O.D. RECORD$, distributed exclusively by Hip Hop Slam, is only sold at Live Human concerts and at select independent outlets (off & online) such as Amoeba Music, Aquarius Records, and and others that are willing to buy direct C.O.D. from Hip Hop Slam in an effort to keep prices low for the Live Human fan.

Track Listing

1) "No Label"/"Sevens" (5:13)
2) "Guitar" (3:46)
3) "Breakbeat" (7:14)
4) "Violinterlude" (1:55)
5) "Cantos" (6:58)
6) "Fr-Fre-Fre-Fresshhhhhhh!" (4:19)
7) "New Break" (3:23)
8) "Hear The Drummer" (3:23)
9) "Human Til Infinity" (6:54)
10) "Elephant Remix Remix" (6:00)


"In-your-face hip-hop beats with a solid funk attitude
layered with turntable screeches and punk jazz"