Big Lou:
Big Lou’s Polka Casserole
(Cleveland Int’l)

Album cover

Big Lou, the accordion princess, came early to polka and stayed late. She has played in Polkacide, Thee Hellhounds and the Stir-Ups. She founded Those Darn Accordions. Her French music trio, Salut Matelot, plays frequently in San Francisco. Big Lou is passionate about the accordion. She hopes that you are too.

Big Lou began playing in the honky tonks of Central Texas, eventually finding her way to the bay area, where she currently resides. She plays a lot in the midwest and goes there whenever she can. She especially likes the food in Milwaukee. Also the people. They're really nice.  Sometimes people in California are nice, but not as often.

Ms. Lou is as proud of this album as of anything she's ever done.  She's a little stunned at how well it came out. She thinks it's mostly because she has managed to become friends with a lot of very good musicians (see Polka Casserole players.) Working with them was pure joy. They sashayed in, sat down, and played their parts like angels (except for Bing Nathan and David Golia. They played their parts like angels but they were standing up.) Big Lou knows what a privilege it was to work with such accomplished musicians and hopes that you enjoy the result.  Everybody who had anything to do with this record was great. There were no exceptions. That includes the musicians, the producers, the engineers and the photographer. There was no point at which Lou thought she could have found someone who would have done a better job. How often does that happen?

Big Lou invites you to join her in a Polka Casserole! Combining polka and waltz styles from a cross-section of American traditions, she has cooked up something hot and tasty. Enjoy! Eat! Clean your plate!

Big Lou's Polka Casserole includes the following timeless favorites:

  • Norman
  • Go Man Go
  • Mon Amant de Saint Jean
  • The Yoo-Hoo Polka
  • Mountain
  • El Chango Negro
  • The Little Green Hat
  • Raz-Ma-Taz Polka
  • Tammy
  • Ramune
  • Hotsy Totsy Girl
  • Bartender's Polka