Asian Travels 2
(Six Degrees Compilation

Asian Travels 2 album cover


In 1995 Talvin Singh founded a club night in London called Anokha in which Asian DJ's and live bands mixed bhangra, techno, house, drum 'n' bass and tabla breakbeats. Anokha brought to light a thriving subculture few people outside of London even knew existed. The club's core following consisted of young Indian and Pakistani kids that had grown up in a community with no boundaries between the ancient music of their parents and the modern sounds of breakbeat culture

Asian Travels 2 documents the fertile results of this cross-pollination of sounds.

This most recent compilation of genre-bending hybrids that blend ancient and modern influences, includes tracks by several of our clients (both new and old), including Austin based artist, Govinda (see photo), as follows:

3. Govinda — Slow Devotion 4:20
Written by Shane O Madden. Published by Point Nine Publishing (BMI). Shane O Madden — programming, violin, electronic flute and drums. Chrysta Bell — vocals. Steve Mitchell — drums. Oliver Rajamani — tabla and spoken word. (p) 2002 Six Degrees Records, Ltd. Govinda is the alter ego of Austin, Texas-born producer/composer Shane O Madden. O Madden’s violin studies led to a fascination with Middle—Eastern, Indian, Celtic and southern Spanish musical cultures. He combines these styles of music with the beats and sounds of today’s electronica. "Slow Devotion" was recorded exclusively for Asian Travels 2.

4. MIDIval PunditZ — Aaja re’ 5:49
Written by MIDIval PunditZ. Published by Point Nine Publishing (BMI) and Saregama, India. Lata Mangeshkar — vocals. Lata Mangeshkar appears courtesy of Saregama. (p) 2002 Six Degrees Records, Ltd.
Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, a.k.a. the MIDIval PunditZ, are spearheading a musical revolution in their home base of New Delhi. Inspired by Talvin Singh’s influential Anokha club night, they have started their own regular gatherings called Cyber Mehfils, bringing the sounds of the Asian Massive back home to the land of its roots. Look for the PunditZ soon to be released debut CD on Six Degrees.

5. Makyo — Devadasi (Mantra Mix) 8:45
Original version from the Dakini Records release Shringara
Produced, performed and programmed by Gio. Published by Copyright Control. Keiko — vocals. Special thanks to Talvin. Licensed courtesy of Dakini Records. (p) 1998 Dakini Records.
Tokyo-based producer and musician Gio has taken the name Makyo from a Zen Buddhist term that refers to a world of mystical hallucinations that one can fall into during deep meditations. Gio currently runs his own Dakini Records label and has produced a beautiful body of work which mixes Zen dub, tablas, Indian vocals and modern electronica. This rare remix of "Devadasi" has previously only been available in a very limited edition bonus CD.

10. dj Cheb i Sabbah — Tum Bin Shyam 6:53
Produced by dj Cheb i Sabbah. Published by 1008 Puja Music (BMI). Pandit Ulhas Bapat — santur. Yogesh Samsi — tabla. Anurodh Jain — dhaf. ProTooled and engineered by Gaurav Raina PunditZ. (p) 2002 Six Degrees Records, Ltd.
This beautifully organic track is from Krishna Lila, the long-awaited follow-up to dj Cheb i Sabbah’s Shri Durga CD. Krishna Lila explores the worlds of Hindustani and Carnatic devotional music with Sabbah adding his unique perspective to Krishna bhajans.

Asian Travels 2 is dedicated to the memory of George Harrison whose sonic travels opened many ears to these beautiful sounds. Compilation produced by Robert Duskis.