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Ted Taylor Starts "The Leek"

A recent issue of The Leek

What is The Leek?

The Leek is the Music Industry’s premier parody publication. Published electronically once a week, The Leek is eagerly anticipated in the inboxes of record company executives, radio station programmers, booking agents, nationally syndicated radio hosts, tastemakers and managers. If you are looking for a cost effective way to reach "connectors, mavens and salesmen" you have found it. "Funny shit!" says Marc Nathan, Vice President A&R, MCA Records.

What makes The Leek so special?

Highly targeted with biting sarcasm and social commentary, The Leek allows it’s advertisers to get to it’s well connected audience under the radar. The walls and defenses that these types of people usually have up crumble in the face of The Leek’s timely brand of humor. Since the very first issue, word of mouth has spread to the point where Industry people by the hundreds are actually requesting to be added to The Leek’s exclusive mailing list.

How can my company advertise in The Leek?

The amount of advertising space is very limited, and The Leek will accept advertising that meets its stringent standards. If you are looking for quantity, go to TV Guide, if you are looking for quality tastemakers that influence literally millions of people, The Leek might be the place to put some of your advertising dollars. And with The Leek’s very reasonable rates, there is something for every budget and you will still have plenty of money left over to waste with old fashioned ‘throw it against the wall and see what sticks’ advertising!

How do I advertise?

Contact Ted Taylor at (818) 989-4997 or by email

Here are a few recent issues that were laying around (my desktop):