Megan Slankard Gets Makeover on TLC’s “What Not To Wear”

The after-Megan.
Megan Slankard needed no help with her songwriting, singing, or recording. (In fact when she sent me the first four (4) recordings she made with her band, now contained on her second album, entitled “Freaky Little Story”, I was totally blown away.) She could use a little help with her image.

This home schooled 20-year old singer/songwriter from the outskirts of rural Tracy, California, was walking a thin line between coffee house hippie chick, girl next door, and riot grrrl. Her partiality to t-shirts, Converse All-Stars, and “toe socks” wasn’t making it, according to those who know and love her most.

At the behest of Megan’s family and bandmates, enter BBC Productions reality show, “What Not to Wear” (the American version of which is aired on The Learning Channel (TLC). After being secretly videotaped for two weeks, and ambushed at a club gig in San Francisco, Megan was flown to New York for an on-camera critique, a $5000 shopping
Megan before and after with show hosts Clinton and Stacy.
spree, visit to the hair stylist and cosmetologist, and a return to the tv studio for a jaw dropping “before and after” session with hosts, Stacy and Clinton.

The results are fantastic, and Megan got just the shot of confidence from her new look that equaled the quality of her singing and songwriting. She’s now resuming her climb to the top with a great look as well as a great outlook.