DJ Qbert’s Wave Twisters
to Air on Sundance Channel

DJ QBert

Wave Twisters, LLC has entered into an agreement with Showtime for the television exhibition of the animated, hiphop sci-fi movie Wave Twisters to air on the Sundance Channel for a 20-month period commencing in October of 2002. This will be the most significant exposure for the film which has previously played dozens of film festivals around the world, and has been released on dvd .

Elaborating on the concept of his 1998 album "Wave Twisters," Simons & Stein client DJ Qbert is set to release the Wave Twisters Movie, an hour-long animated feature that draws the inspiration for each of its chapters from the tracks on the album.

The characters and storyline for the movie were created by Doug Cunningham, also known as DUG-ONE, who joined the Skratch Piklz team in 1998. Cunningham’s own company, Mind at Large, has also designed for San Francisco’s Think Skateboards.

Animating and directing the storyline are Syd Garon, Eric Henry, and Trish Golubev, whose collective experience includes animating numerous short films and commercials, for Blockbuster and Addidas, amongst other clients.

Movie poster

Qbert’s Wave Twisters Movie is expected to premier later this summer, hot on the heels of Skratchcon 2000, the sold out Invisble Skratch Piklz DJ forum, held in San Francisco on July 1st.

For those of you who anticipated the release of DJ Qbert’s first skratch concept album Wave Twisters, there is yet another Wave Twisters configuration that will captivate the minds of people worldwide. The Wave Twisters movie, an hour-long animated video, takes you, the viewer, to a world of beings where the only form of communication is through the sounds of skratching. This civilization resides in inner space, which is located in the diamond of a record needle. The dentist, who is the hero in this story, along with his friends Rubbish, Honey, and b-boy Grandpa set out to accomplish their assigned mission: to spread the four lost elements of Hip-Hop throughout inner space.

The idea for the Wave Twisters movie came about while Qbert created songs for his album. About five songs into the record he realized these compositions ideally flowed into each other, creating a connection comparable to an actual story. From that point, Qbert decided to develop Wave Twisters into a concept album, which included inventing the Wave Twisters movie. Every song on the Wave Twisters album is a chapter in the Wave Twisters movie. This will be the world’s first hip-hop concept album cartoon.

"We have remarkably talented individuals working on the Wave Twisters movie, " states Ritche Desuasido, President of Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Inc.

Doug Cunningham, also known as DUG-ONE to artists and fans around the world, is currently the artist for the Invisbl Skratch Piklz (ISP). He freelances through his own company, Mind At Large, and past experience includes designing for Think Skateboards, an international company based out of San Francisco. He joined the ISP team in April 1998, and through his work he continues to capture the attention of people worldwide. For the Wave Twisters movie, Doug studied QBert’s storyline and listened to Qbert’s tracks, and from these facets he invented the characters of Wave Twisters. He gave each character a distinct look and personality, and these characteristics come alive in the Wave Twisters movie.

Bringing these characters to life requires creativity and talent, which are exactly the skills that Syd Garon, Eric Henry, and Trish Golubev possess. They officially became the ISP director animators in 1997, and their combined list of accomplishments include short films shown throughout film festivals around the world, and television commercials for Blockbuster videos and Addidas. Their incredible imaginations enable them to present the story of Wave Twisters by transforming all the sounds and skratches on QBert’s album to actual visuals. By incorporating Doug’s drawings, they are able to give life to the Wave Twisters characters, and lead the viewer through the adventures and challenges these figures must encounter when tackling the assignment of spreading the lost arts of Hip-Hop.

The first video completed for the Wave Twisters movie is "Sneak Attack." This video premiered November 7, 1998, at QBert’s record release party at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. "Sneak Attack" is chapter nine in the story and track 12 on the album. The scenario at this point of the story shows the dentist and his friends searching for Honey, a b-girl from inner space. One objective they must tackle is the enemy, Lord Ook-Nod-Zeek-Oot, the evil mastermind who has been secretly plotting to stop the spread of the forgotten arts. This particular video takes the viewer through the battle of the dentist and his friends with the enemy, and the actual rescue of Honey.

The Wave Twisters movie is expected to premier in the summer of 2000. The artists, director animators, and everyone at Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Inc. are dedicated to making this video one of superior quality and total originality. This movie accompanies DJ QBert’s Wave Twisters album, which hit stores internationally November 10, 1998.