Third Eye Blind Settles
with Kevin Cadogan

Kevin Cadogan

After battling hard for over two years, Third Eye Blind and Kevin Cadogan, their former lead guitarist, settled their lawsuit following jury selection on the first day of trial. Although the terms of the settlement are subject to a confidentiality agreement, Kevin Cadogan was quoted as saying he was, "satisfied with the settlement".

The case was filed by Cadogan in Federal District Court, Northern District of California, Oakland Branch. David D. Stein of Simons & Stein, and his co-counsel, Geoff Spellberg, represented Mr. Cadogan. Mr. Stein said that the case was hard fought and if the plaintiff and his team did not have exceptional tenacity and fortitude they would never have made it across the finish line.

Mr. Stein also stated that the case provides an object lesson for all collaborative artists. "When you’re just starting out and struggling together for success, there are no problems and everyone loves each other. When the lightning bolt of success strikes, things change and sometimes self-interests get promoted over friendship, loyalty or even artistic integrity. That is why when counseling an emerging band my firm always urges the creation of foundational agreements. Draft and sign the contracts when the parties are still flush with goodwill and eager to work together. Then you can put the agreement in a drawer and maybe never have to pull it out to resolve a dispute. But if things do go sour, you’ve already created a blueprint on how to settle your differences."