Prey For Rock and Roll
Closes San Francisco
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Top to bottom: "Prey for Rock and Roll" logo; Gina Gershon and Drea de Matteo, who star in the film; Cheri Lovedog

For musician, songwriter, vocalist, screenplay writer Cheri Lovedog, the long road from L.A. punk rocker, to Santa Cruz based tattoo artist, to underground musical in New York, and finally to feature film starring Gina Gershon and Drea deMatteo has been quite an excursion. We had the pleasure of working with Cheri during the period in which her play was first presented at CBGB's, and the rights to produce a film based on her musical was picked up by an ambitious independent producer.

The finished film was included in the 2003 Sundance Festival and received strong notices, and should be released theatrically later this year. It closes the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on June 29th at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Cheri Lovedog received an honorable discharge from the coast guard in 1978, where her duties included search and rescue. She moved to Hollywood and put together the all-girl rock band known as "Lovedog" and played the LA club scene from 1980-93. Lovedog opened for such bands as Jane's Addiction, Guns and Roses, Hole, L7, the Lunachicks, the Descendents, TSOL, and X. Cheri wrote a column for Rock Review called "Hollywood Trash and Tinsel," a running commentary on band life and the local club scene. She also promoted and booked some of the first underground rock clubs in the LA area, most notably Club Hell, Leather Barbies Rec Room, the Galaxy, 13 Hail Mary's, and Lipstick Fix.

In 1993 Cheri moved to Santa Cruz, California, where she began turning her experiences into an off-Broadway play with her own original music. Cheri also opened Lovedog Tattoo and Art Studio with her partner Robin Prey, both of which have received the local "Best of Santa Cruz" awards several years running. Cheri's play, Prey for Rock & Roll, was produced off-Broadway by FatChance Productions, and enjoyed a successful run at CBGB NYC the summer of 2000. After the play and original music received wonderful reviews, Cheri took the next step and wrote the screenplay.

Lovedog got to adapt the original work into the screenplay herself, as well as having her original songs used for the film. Alex Steyermark (Hedwig and The Angry Inch) was brought in to direct and the cast included Gina Gershon, Drea de Matteo ("The Sopranos") and Lori Petty (Tank Girl). Joan Jett also makes a cameo appearance. Check it out.