D-Shot Releases Film,
, on DVD

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Dannell Stevens, a/k/a "D-Shot" is a rapper from Vallejo, California, member of The Click (together w/siblings, E-40, B-Legit and Suga T). He’s recorded a dozen or so albums, both as a solo artist, and Click member, mostly for Jive, and his own Shot Records. He made his solo debut in in 1994 with "Shot Calla", and distinguished himself with his label. In 1995, "Boss Ballin" helped define the Bay Area rap compilation cd as a hot selling genre that continued for years.

For the last two and a half years, Shot has been steadily working on a movie, an urban drama with a rap soundtrack, called "Obstacles". Brian Hooks, D-Shot and E-40 star in this story of two enemies from back in the day, one college bound, and the other a drug dealer, who get involved in a battle for territory in the "hood" that they share. The soundtrack will include a number of tracks from both D-Shot, E-40, the Click, with a guest appearance by Too Short, and new songs from DJ Quik, and C-Bo. The "Obstacles" dvd will be released by Ventura Distribution, which has had great success in the urban action, drama, and documentaries with recent dvd releases by Tupac, Big Pun, and E-40.