Pajama Recording Studios
Settles With SNK Developers

Pajama Recording Studios is a first rate recording studio located in Oakland’s historic Jack London Square district. Resident Producer/Engineer Jim Gardiner and manager Paula Tealander run an artist friendly and technically advanced operation.

In April of 2000 when SNK Developers, the owners of property adjacent to Pajama Studios, wanted to build a suite of lofts they didn’t bother to check and see if any of their neighbors would be sensitive to the pile driving they planned.

Although Pajama’s main studio is of a "room within a room" design insulated by shock absorbers and hundreds of pounds of sound baffling, it was overmatched by pile driving literally only yards away.

The month plus of pile driving cost Pajama thousands of dollars in lost business and SNK only ignored their request for compensation. Pajama was forced to call upon their long time friend and attorney David D. Stein of Simons & Stein.

Ms. Tealander was quoted as saying, "Although people know David as a music lawyer, he has years of experience in many areas of litigation and problem solving and he is our "go to guy" when we need help."

Although a lawsuit was filed, the matter settled after a day-long mediation. David D. Stein stated, "In many ways the most difficult part of the case was educating the insurance company to the financial damages suffered by the studio. Although the injury would be obvious to anyone in the business, I think that there was certain incredulity as to how much money could be lost by such a business, in such a location, in such a relatively short period of time. Once we were able to show them the bona fides of the claim, they took out the big checkbook and did the right thing."